The Charming Town of Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov may be hard to pronounce but you will want to remember this place. I had never even heard of Cesky Krumlov until I visited the wonderful little town. Now I consider it a must see tourist destination in Europe. Cesky Krumlov is located in the Czech Republic. In fact, the Czech Republic was never a country I had aspired to travel to but this amazing place really took my breath away and Cesky Krumlov is a real little jewel in this amazing country.

This town looks just like the medieval towns that you would see in the movies or in fairy tales. Just look at those charming buildings! This picture perfect little town has cobble stone streets and a majestic castle that even has a mote that is guarded by bears! True fact!

The town is so small, you could probably walk around the whole town in a day, but it will take longer than that to really absorb the beauty of this place and take photos of everything this town has to offer.

Not only is this place picture perfect, it also has great culture, great food and unique activities. One of the favourite activities in this town is the river pub crawl! Yes you heard me right. A bunch of drunk people pile into a row boat that they man themselves as they make their way down the river and moor up to and have a drink at various pubs along the river banks until they eventually somehow make their way back into the centre of the town in this little boat with no life jackets in an excessively drunken state…. Yes my boyfriend did do this and I joined in half way through. You could consider it to be a bit dangerous and irresponsible but this is legal in the Check Republic and it was a lot of fun!

If you ever do visit this wonderful town, I would suggest that having two days here would be ideal because it gives you the opportunity to do and see everything and you won’t be there for so long that you run out of things to do.


Super Cute Secret Santa Ideas from TYPO for under $10!

With Christmas on the horizon, work places are beginning to organise secret santa! It is always so hard to find the perfect secret santa gift at the right price. It is especially hard when the gift can only be limited to $10 or $20. As I am currently on the hunt for a secret santa present myself, I have come up with this great list of products for under $10 at Typo to share with you! Typo is one of my favourite stores for unique, cute and one of the kind gifts and you can find a great variety for under $10!


On the Weekend: Beach Fun at Caloundra

Summer is almost here and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than to have a day trip to the beach with the girls?! Yay! 

Four of us girls piled into the car for a one hour trip north to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Once we arrived we made our way to the closest beach we could find, Moffatt Beach. Once we arrived we made a B-Line to the waters edge!

We did not waste any time as we laid down our towels and lathered ourselves in sunscreen in preparation for our first dip in the salty pacific ocean. I'm usually a bit of a sook when it comes to stepping into cold water but the temperature of the water this weekend was just perfect and I could not wait to have a swim! 

It is so lovely and relaxing floating in the water and bobbing over the waves except for occasionally being swept off your feet from the odd rouge wave. Then once you are on shore, somehow you have tiny granules of sand covering every inch and crevice of your body that you will still find remnants of days later, but hey it is all part of the fun of being at the beach!

After a swim, we soaked up some sun as we lay on the beach, attempting to give our pasty white city skin a hint of summer glow.

After a quick bake in the sun, we set off to find some lunch, and you could hardly call this a beach trip if we didn't have fish and chips for lunch! We even threw some calamari in there for good measure and it was all very yummy!

Once our bellies were full, some ominous clouds began to roll over the horizon as the onset of summer storms crept upon us, so we decided it was our cue to pile back into the car and head home!

Now I have been lucky enough to go to the beach twice so far this season and it isn't even summer yet! I'm hoping to fit in a few more beach trips before summer is over and luckily for me there certainly isn't a shortage of beaches to choose from :-)


Food Trends in America that we don't get in Australia‏

I love food and I think it is amazing how different countries develop different food tastes and trends, and I would love to share some of the different foods that you can find in America but you will not find in Australia. Some of these I love and others I am a bit unsure of. Here is my list of American food that we just don't get over here in Australia.

Pumpkin Pie
I see so many pumpkin pie recipes on Pinterest and I must say that I have never tried it or seen it before here in Australia. I’m sure some people do make it but it is nowhere near as prevalent as it is in America. I guess we don’t have it here because combining pumpkin in a sweet dish seems odd, to me anyway, but I will have to make the effort to try it one day.

Fish Tacos
I was enlightened about fish tacos on my Contiki trip across the USA by one of the tour guides. She could not believe we did not have them here in Australia and said that she would open up a fish taco shop here because they are amazing! I didn’t believe her and neither did any other Australian on the bus. The thought of combining fish with Mexican food makes my stomach turn, but I really can’t diss it until I have tried it I guess!

Cheesy fries
You know that weird yellow sticky stuff that you like to call cheese and you put it on top of your fries? It’s really yummy but we do not have this in Australia. In fact, I have never seen a cheese like it anywhere in Australia. Is it even really cheese? It is such an odd and sticky consistency and such an orange colour! We don’t even have orange cheese here in Australia. I kinda wish we did have it here because it is so tasty but on the other hand, it’s probably best we don’t because I would want to eat it all the time!

Crisps with Dinner
Yeah I don’t get this. Americans call them chips, but we call them crisps and what Americans call fries, we call chips! Confused yet? Well I discovered this odd trend at a restaurant in Memphis where our set menu was a chicken burger and chips, and I was shocked to see thin crisps on my plate next to the burger. What the?? In Australia, crisps are purely a day time snack food that you eat out of the packet or at a party and I would never consider including it on a dinner menu.

Donuts for Breakfast
If it couldn’t get any weirder, when I stayed at my hotel in LA on my first night in the United States, I was shocked to find glazed donuts as part of the buffet breakfast selection! Sure some sweet foods can suffice for breakfast such as pancakes or waffles, but GLAZED donuts? I think that is taking the morning sugar hit a bit too far…

I LOVE bagels! I had never eaten one until I was in the USA and while I was there I was eating them all of the time! Soo yummy and you can get them everywhere over there, however they are much harder to come by here in Australia. You will not find bagels in the local bakery or grocery store. If you want a bagel fix, you will need to hunt down a rare specialty bagel shop. I am only aware of one such shop in my city!

Are there any other food trends in Australia or America that you either like or think are a little bit odd? 


My Recent Product Crushes

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume
My obsession with this perfume called 'Giorgio Armani Si' began innocently enough. I received a sample of it on a paper card and discarded it in my handbag. However after putting the perfume tester in my bag, I would get a constant whiff of this beautiful scent daily whenever I would open up my bag. The more and more I would smell it, the more I have fallen in love with it. The perfume tester is still in my handbag now two weeks later and the scent is still stronger than ever. It is amazing how long this scent has lasted! I have given my boyfriend the hint that this would be a great Christmas present option for me!

Jelly Sandals
I have seen the return of this 80’s / 90’s trend in the stores of late and I love it! I used to love wearing my jelly sandals when I was a kid. They are so cute, colourful and comfy and I had not seen these crazy sandals in stores since I was a child until now. I really want some but in my mind I cannot look past these cute sandals as children’s ware despite being sold in adult sizes. I am also hesitant because I worry that their unique look will mean that they won’t match any of my clothes! However these fab black jelly sandals from Dotti could very easily change my mind! Maybe I should buy some cute pink glittery ones too just for the hell of it for old time's sake? 

Pretty Camera Bags
I am so glad that some beautiful camera bags exist now such as these ones I found from Jo Totes! I do not own a DSLR camera but if I ever bought one, the next thing I would buy is one of these bags! The normal camera bags you get with your camera are so ugly and bland and it is great to see bags that look like an average woman’s hand bag. Love them!

I do not drink wine. Well not until I discovered Moscato! Brown Brothers Moscato to be exact. Sooo yummy! It is the best tasting wine I have had ever! I honestly do not usually drink wine because I do not like the taste. I have tried quite a few varieties in the past, and none have sold me except for this one. It is so fruity, sweet and delicious! If you are usually a cocktail drinker like me and don’t usually opt for wine, give this a go!

Heston’s Christmas Pudding  
My boyfriend and I love watching Heston’s show and see the magical and tasty creations he makes every episode, so I could not pass up the opportunity to buy some of Heston’s Christmas Pudding which are currently being sold in Coles for a limited time. It is probably the closest we will ever get to food made by Heston and they are very yummy! I know I bought them a bit early since it is November, but last year I missed out because they had sold out by Christmas! I would suggest getting in quick to try these before they sell out again.

What products are you crushing on right now?


The Best Ice Blocks to Combat the Aussie Heat‏

On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing better than eating a nice, cool ice block! I used to eat them all of the time when I was a kid and I had a few favourites that I would always come back to and I still do today! Here is my list of my favourite ice blocks and ice creams to combat the summer heat in Australia! 

Golden Gaytime
I always enjoy a Gay Time, and by gay time I mean the ice block! Despite the odd name, this is one of the best ice blocks around. It is filled with vanilla and toffee ice-cream and coated with crushed honeycomb biscuits. Can’t get much better than that!

Rainbow Paddle Pop
The classic paddle pop comes in so many flavours however the best flavour has to be the rainbow paddle pop. It is simply rainbow ice-cream on a stick and all the different colourful swirls combine to make for a tasty flavour!

Icy Pole
This is one of the best options for a hot day. It is a nice cool block of crystal clear lemonade on a stick however you need to eat this one quick before it melts!

Bubble O Bill
What’s more fun than an ice cream on a stick shaped like the head of a cowboy?! And the best bit? It has a ball of bubble gum for a nose! Once you finish your ice cream, you can eat the bubble gum as a special bonus treat!

This is the best combination of icy and creamy with a tropical flavour. The Splice iceblock is filled with vanilla icecream and coated with a thin icy pineapple coating. This combination of fruity and creamy flavours is truly a taste sensation!

It is hard to pass up on one of these beauties! The Drumstick comes in lots of flavours now but the original has to be my favourite. A mix of vanilla ice cream and chocolate, coated in crushed nuts and sitting in an ice-cream cone. Yum!

Every lick of this ice block is a forever changing swirl of flavours. Each swirl provides a different fruity flavour and once you get to the middle, you find a whole different flavour again! This one is fun to eat!

Frosty Fruit
This may just look like some fruit juice frozen on a stick to you, but I promise you this is much tastier than it looks! The fruity flavour in this ice block is unlike any other and worth a try!

 This is another fruity favourite however unlike many of the other ice blocks, this one comes in pop up packaging. A little more effort is involved to get to the fruity filled ice block with this one, but it is worth it!

Mango Weis Bar
This tasty little bar tastes exactly like mango but in a frozen icy form. It is amazing, and to top it off, it is combined with a hint of coconut ice cream to really make that mango flavour truly special.

Which one is your favourite?

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