Food Trends in America that we don't get in Australia‏

I love food and I think it is amazing how different countries develop different food tastes and trends, and I would love to share some of the different foods that you can find in America but you will not find in Australia. Some of these I love and others I am a bit unsure of. Here is my list of American food that we just don't get over here in Australia.

Pumpkin Pie
I see so many pumpkin pie recipes on Pinterest and I must say that I have never tried it or seen it before here in Australia. I’m sure some people do make it but it is nowhere near as prevalent as it is in America. I guess we don’t have it here because combining pumpkin in a sweet dish seems odd, to me anyway, but I will have to make the effort to try it one day.

Fish Tacos
I was enlightened about fish tacos on my Contiki trip across the USA by one of the tour guides. She could not believe we did not have them here in Australia and said that she would open up a fish taco shop here because they are amazing! I didn’t believe her and neither did any other Australian on the bus. The thought of combining fish with Mexican food makes my stomach turn, but I really can’t diss it until I have tried it I guess!

Cheesy fries
You know that weird yellow sticky stuff that you like to call cheese and you put it on top of your fries? It’s really yummy but we do not have this in Australia. In fact, I have never seen a cheese like it anywhere in Australia. Is it even really cheese? It is such an odd and sticky consistency and such an orange colour! We don’t even have orange cheese here in Australia. I kinda wish we did have it here because it is so tasty but on the other hand, it’s probably best we don’t because I would want to eat it all the time!

Crisps with Dinner
Yeah I don’t get this. Americans call them chips, but we call them crisps and what Americans call fries, we call chips! Confused yet? Well I discovered this odd trend at a restaurant in Memphis where our set menu was a chicken burger and chips, and I was shocked to see thin crisps on my plate next to the burger. What the?? In Australia, crisps are purely a day time snack food that you eat out of the packet or at a party and I would never consider including it on a dinner menu.

Donuts for Breakfast
If it couldn’t get any weirder, when I stayed at my hotel in LA on my first night in the United States, I was shocked to find glazed donuts as part of the buffet breakfast selection! Sure some sweet foods can suffice for breakfast such as pancakes or waffles, but GLAZED donuts? I think that is taking the morning sugar hit a bit too far…

I LOVE bagels! I had never eaten one until I was in the USA and while I was there I was eating them all of the time! Soo yummy and you can get them everywhere over there, however they are much harder to come by here in Australia. You will not find bagels in the local bakery or grocery store. If you want a bagel fix, you will need to hunt down a rare specialty bagel shop. I am only aware of one such shop in my city!

Are there any other food trends in Australia or America that you either like or think are a little bit odd? 
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