Just Another Antique Store - Coolingatta

It's no secret that I love a good antique store full of random vintage items, fashion, furniture and nick nacks. I consider antique stores to be buildings filled with pretty clutter. Every space is cluttered with pieces of history that you can take home with you. 

The Antique store I am highlighting today is one of my favourites on the Gold Coast. 'The Antiques and Collectables Market' can be found in Coolangatta and it is full of all kinds of treasures at reasonable prices. I find that the prices in this place are cheaper than any antique store I have been to in Brisbane.

I have been visiting this antique store for a long time, as my parents used to take me here when I was a kid. My parents even own a few vintage pieces which they had purchased from here, and we grew up with them in our family home. 

You can find anything here including old toys, crockery, records, vintage fashion, branded items, furniture, homewards, jewellery, trinkets. If you can think of it, you can probably find it here.

It is always a joy to come back here and trawl through all of these vintage finds, however in this visit, something unique and different has been added to the store. Right out the front of the store, a little old time barber shop has been set up and it is fully functional. It consists of one original barber chair, a mirror, a lamp and barber utensils. As we wandered the antique store, we could see a man getting a traditional hair cut in the old school barber chair in the front of the shop and in plain view of all of the customers and people walking past in the street. What a neat idea!

If you are a true vintage hunter, you can't miss this place! Check it out during your next visit to the Gold Coast.

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