My Recent Product Crushes

Giorgio Armani Si Perfume
My obsession with this perfume called 'Giorgio Armani Si' began innocently enough. I received a sample of it on a paper card and discarded it in my handbag. However after putting the perfume tester in my bag, I would get a constant whiff of this beautiful scent daily whenever I would open up my bag. The more and more I would smell it, the more I have fallen in love with it. The perfume tester is still in my handbag now two weeks later and the scent is still stronger than ever. It is amazing how long this scent has lasted! I have given my boyfriend the hint that this would be a great Christmas present option for me!

Jelly Sandals
I have seen the return of this 80’s / 90’s trend in the stores of late and I love it! I used to love wearing my jelly sandals when I was a kid. They are so cute, colourful and comfy and I had not seen these crazy sandals in stores since I was a child until now. I really want some but in my mind I cannot look past these cute sandals as children’s ware despite being sold in adult sizes. I am also hesitant because I worry that their unique look will mean that they won’t match any of my clothes! However these fab black jelly sandals from Dotti could very easily change my mind! Maybe I should buy some cute pink glittery ones too just for the hell of it for old time's sake? 

Pretty Camera Bags
I am so glad that some beautiful camera bags exist now such as these ones I found from Jo Totes! I do not own a DSLR camera but if I ever bought one, the next thing I would buy is one of these bags! The normal camera bags you get with your camera are so ugly and bland and it is great to see bags that look like an average woman’s hand bag. Love them!

I do not drink wine. Well not until I discovered Moscato! Brown Brothers Moscato to be exact. Sooo yummy! It is the best tasting wine I have had ever! I honestly do not usually drink wine because I do not like the taste. I have tried quite a few varieties in the past, and none have sold me except for this one. It is so fruity, sweet and delicious! If you are usually a cocktail drinker like me and don’t usually opt for wine, give this a go!

Heston’s Christmas Pudding  
My boyfriend and I love watching Heston’s show and see the magical and tasty creations he makes every episode, so I could not pass up the opportunity to buy some of Heston’s Christmas Pudding which are currently being sold in Coles for a limited time. It is probably the closest we will ever get to food made by Heston and they are very yummy! I know I bought them a bit early since it is November, but last year I missed out because they had sold out by Christmas! I would suggest getting in quick to try these before they sell out again.

What products are you crushing on right now?

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