On the Weekend: Beach Fun at Caloundra

Summer is almost here and what better way to celebrate the warm weather than to have a day trip to the beach with the girls?! Yay! 

Four of us girls piled into the car for a one hour trip north to Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Once we arrived we made our way to the closest beach we could find, Moffatt Beach. Once we arrived we made a B-Line to the waters edge!

We did not waste any time as we laid down our towels and lathered ourselves in sunscreen in preparation for our first dip in the salty pacific ocean. I'm usually a bit of a sook when it comes to stepping into cold water but the temperature of the water this weekend was just perfect and I could not wait to have a swim! 

It is so lovely and relaxing floating in the water and bobbing over the waves except for occasionally being swept off your feet from the odd rouge wave. Then once you are on shore, somehow you have tiny granules of sand covering every inch and crevice of your body that you will still find remnants of days later, but hey it is all part of the fun of being at the beach!

After a swim, we soaked up some sun as we lay on the beach, attempting to give our pasty white city skin a hint of summer glow.

After a quick bake in the sun, we set off to find some lunch, and you could hardly call this a beach trip if we didn't have fish and chips for lunch! We even threw some calamari in there for good measure and it was all very yummy!

Once our bellies were full, some ominous clouds began to roll over the horizon as the onset of summer storms crept upon us, so we decided it was our cue to pile back into the car and head home!

Now I have been lucky enough to go to the beach twice so far this season and it isn't even summer yet! I'm hoping to fit in a few more beach trips before summer is over and luckily for me there certainly isn't a shortage of beaches to choose from :-)

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