On the Weekend: Cabarita Beach

My boyfriend and I got back from our lovely long weekend away yesterday and we had a great time! We visited Cabarita Beach in NSW for a friend's wedding and we made the most of our time at the beach. We were also lucky enough to stay in a beachfront resort in a massive room. The beautiful beach combined with a great resort made for a fantastic holiday. 

The resort we stayed at is called 'The Beach'. We had a two bedroom room overlooking the pool which also has a full kitchen, two bathrooms and a walk in closet. We were very spoilt with this room!

Cabarita beach is located in the suburb of Bogangar. It has a small beach town feel to it, as it is not very developed. It is refreshing to visit a place where you can get away from crowds when you are used to living in the city. 

Because this place is not full of tourists, you can claim a patch of the beautiful, long stretching white sandy beach all to yourself. It is not a tourist mecca like other surrounding beaches. It is a quiet piece of seclusion that you can escape to if you want to relax.

As we wandered down to the beach from our resort, we stepped over rock pools and came across this abandoned couch sitting on the beach, which made for some interesting photos! Other than this couch, a piece of an office chair and a dart board that we found near the rocks, the beach itself is pretty pristine overall. 

I also took some happy snaps on my own solo journey down to the beach for a swim. The water was lovely to swim in, and after my dip, I cosied up onto my own patch of sand for a lay down in the sun. 

Thanks to the lovely weather, I had the opportunity to get the summer clothes out of the wardrobe to wear for our little vacation, such as my new tiger t-shirt and shorts as well as a purple dress from Hawaii gifted from my Auntie.

 If you are ever seeking out a long weekend away, I really recommend visiting this lovely beachside town and staying at 'The Beach' resort for a wonderful relaxing holiday.

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