So Not Hot on a Hot Day

Yes it is hot in here! 
Spring has crept up on us and now it is as if Spring is retreating already and Summer is coming early! Summer weather is really great in so many ways. You get to wear summer dresses, its sunny all the time, and you can go swimming at the beach! However there are some things about the heat that are so not hot! 
Here is my ultimate list of things that are so not hot about a hot day:

The Sun hit me hard on my long weekend at the beach. I got a terrible sun burn all over my face and shoulders. I look like a cooked crab right now! I know, I should have worn sun cream and I am regretting it now. My sunburn is now at the stage where it is peeling and my face is a mess of dry skin that I constantly have to moisturise to maintain some level of normality for my skin. Check out the early stages of my sunburnt face and arms below. Sexy!

A Hot Car:
Have you ever got into a hot car and almost burnt your hands grabbing onto the steering wheel? Would you be able to fry an egg on the dash board? Is it a delicate process to strap the seatbelt across yourself because it seems to have absorbed all of the heat directed at it? If you have not experienced any of these wonders of stepping into a hot car, you don’t know what hot is.

Bare Feet on Bitumen or Hot Sand:
I have fallen victim to this a few times over the years. Usually after a day at the beach, I will attempt to cross the road with bare feet to buy something, only to subject my poor tootsies to burning bitumen torture!  Same goes for when I head back to the beach and I step into the golden dry sand, which results in me practically skipping across the sand in haste to get to the water and cool my poor feet off. If it is a hot day, shoes are a must!

If you are outside in the heat for long periods of time, you are going to sweat. In fact, you don’t even need to be working out to result in masses of sweat. The heat itself is surely going to be enough to get the sweat glands going. Not lady like at all, especially if you are at a lovely outdoor garden party or outdoor wedding and sweat patches begin to swell under your arm pits.

Severe Storms:
When you have a really unusually hot day over here, it is often followed up with a storm in the evening, and we can get some big ones here! I love a good storm with lots of lightning and thunder however when you get hail and strong winds that could blow things away and even rip roves off houses, it can be very expensive and even dangerous. We call this time of year storm season and we will often get at least one severe storm every year.

Do you have any more hot tips for what is not so hot in the heat to add to this list? Please do share! :-)

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