The Best Ice Blocks to Combat the Aussie Heat‏

On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing better than eating a nice, cool ice block! I used to eat them all of the time when I was a kid and I had a few favourites that I would always come back to and I still do today! Here is my list of my favourite ice blocks and ice creams to combat the summer heat in Australia! 

Golden Gaytime
I always enjoy a Gay Time, and by gay time I mean the ice block! Despite the odd name, this is one of the best ice blocks around. It is filled with vanilla and toffee ice-cream and coated with crushed honeycomb biscuits. Can’t get much better than that!

Rainbow Paddle Pop
The classic paddle pop comes in so many flavours however the best flavour has to be the rainbow paddle pop. It is simply rainbow ice-cream on a stick and all the different colourful swirls combine to make for a tasty flavour!

Icy Pole
This is one of the best options for a hot day. It is a nice cool block of crystal clear lemonade on a stick however you need to eat this one quick before it melts!

Bubble O Bill
What’s more fun than an ice cream on a stick shaped like the head of a cowboy?! And the best bit? It has a ball of bubble gum for a nose! Once you finish your ice cream, you can eat the bubble gum as a special bonus treat!

This is the best combination of icy and creamy with a tropical flavour. The Splice iceblock is filled with vanilla icecream and coated with a thin icy pineapple coating. This combination of fruity and creamy flavours is truly a taste sensation!

It is hard to pass up on one of these beauties! The Drumstick comes in lots of flavours now but the original has to be my favourite. A mix of vanilla ice cream and chocolate, coated in crushed nuts and sitting in an ice-cream cone. Yum!

Every lick of this ice block is a forever changing swirl of flavours. Each swirl provides a different fruity flavour and once you get to the middle, you find a whole different flavour again! This one is fun to eat!

Frosty Fruit
This may just look like some fruit juice frozen on a stick to you, but I promise you this is much tastier than it looks! The fruity flavour in this ice block is unlike any other and worth a try!

 This is another fruity favourite however unlike many of the other ice blocks, this one comes in pop up packaging. A little more effort is involved to get to the fruity filled ice block with this one, but it is worth it!

Mango Weis Bar
This tasty little bar tastes exactly like mango but in a frozen icy form. It is amazing, and to top it off, it is combined with a hint of coconut ice cream to really make that mango flavour truly special.

Which one is your favourite?

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