The Charming Town of Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov may be hard to pronounce but you will want to remember this place. I had never even heard of Cesky Krumlov until I visited the wonderful little town. Now I consider it a must see tourist destination in Europe. Cesky Krumlov is located in the Czech Republic. In fact, the Czech Republic was never a country I had aspired to travel to but this amazing place really took my breath away and Cesky Krumlov is a real little jewel in this amazing country.

This town looks just like the medieval towns that you would see in the movies or in fairy tales. Just look at those charming buildings! This picture perfect little town has cobble stone streets and a majestic castle that even has a mote that is guarded by bears! True fact!

The town is so small, you could probably walk around the whole town in a day, but it will take longer than that to really absorb the beauty of this place and take photos of everything this town has to offer.

Not only is this place picture perfect, it also has great culture, great food and unique activities. One of the favourite activities in this town is the river pub crawl! Yes you heard me right. A bunch of drunk people pile into a row boat that they man themselves as they make their way down the river and moor up to and have a drink at various pubs along the river banks until they eventually somehow make their way back into the centre of the town in this little boat with no life jackets in an excessively drunken state…. Yes my boyfriend did do this and I joined in half way through. You could consider it to be a bit dangerous and irresponsible but this is legal in the Check Republic and it was a lot of fun!

If you ever do visit this wonderful town, I would suggest that having two days here would be ideal because it gives you the opportunity to do and see everything and you won’t be there for so long that you run out of things to do.

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