The Real Reasons Why You Don't Want to go to That Social Event

Sometimes when you get invited to a get together or party, you just don’t feel like going and you have to come up with some kind of excuse for not being able to make it. We don't all have to be social all of the time but sometimes it can really be worthwhile to get yourself out there. Here are a few different reasons why we don’t feel like being social. 

I would prefer to stay at home 
This is a big one for many introverts such as myself but it really applies to everyone! If you have been bombarded with heaps of social activity in a small space of time, sometimes you just have to have some time to yourself. If that means you have to skip out on a social event every now and then, that’s ok! However if you skip out on too many events to sit in the house by yourself, those invites may eventually dry up, so it is best to keep a healthy balance!

I don’t know anyone 
It can be difficult not knowing anyone when you turn up to a dinner or party, which is why many people would probably skip out on the whole event all together to prevent those awkward first greetings. It is good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while however and who knows, you may meet some great new people and even make  new friends!

I don’t have anything to wear
Have you been invited to a costume party last minute? Have you been invited to a fancy dinner party but when you look at your wardrobe, there is nothing to wear? I hear you! You just want to fit in and if you can’ t find the perfect outfit for the event, you are just going to look out of place! Are you really going to look out of place tho? In most cases the host would be happy for you to turn up no matter what you ware!

I have something better to do
Have you told your best friend a month ago that you will be going to her birthday party, then suddenly you got free tickets for a theme park that has to be used on the same day! These situations produce quite a dilemma but you really need to weigh up your options! Will your friend be hurt if you pull out last minute?

I don’t know how I will get there and get home 
This is often a dilemma for house parties and clubbing events where lots of alcohol is consumed and you need a way to get home. A lot of young women are hesitant of this social scene because of safety factors and often needing to resort to waiting in a taxi rank at 3am to get home. Make sure you plan out your transport prior to the event and give yourself a drinking limit if you choose to drive.

It’s too far away
Distance can be an issue for many as it can be such as inconvenience. The longer it takes to get to an event, the less people are likely to turn up. Especially if the event will be shorter than the time it takes to get to and from the event. However if the event is really worth it, no distance could stop you from getting there!

I’m in a bad mood
It’s not nice turning up to a party or gathering in a bad mood when everyone is supposed to be having a good time. You don’t want to be a downer at the party and infect others with your bad mood. However, the event could actually be good for your mood, turning that frown upside down!

My enemy will be there
You love seeing your friends however knowing that your enemy will be there leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You can’t stand her and you don’t know how you can handle being in a social space with her without wanting to ring her neck, so It’s probably best not to go right? In most cases it is better to be the big person. You don’t want your enemy to sabotage your relationship with your friends because by shunning your enemy you may unintentionally be shunning your friends too. Plus if there is a large group of people, there is no reason why you can’t socialise with everyone else and avoid contact with your enemy all together.

What are some of your reasons for not attending a get together or party? Is there anything else you could add to this list?

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