A Lifetime of Experiences

I have had experienced many great things in my life and through my travels over the years and I thought it was worthwhile sharing my favourite experiences and achievements here with you.
Sometimes it is worthwhile to take a step back and look at what you have already achieved rather that worry about the future. It keeps you grounded and you can see how far you have come.
Every little experience you have in your lifetime adds up and contributes towards the person that you become, so it is important to treasure these moments and pat yourself on the back for achieving them no matter how big or small. I hope that some of the things on this list inspire you to go out there into the world and create your very own list of life changing and amazing experiences!

My favourite life experiences:
Moving out of home
Getting my driver’s licence
Graduating University
Having the drive and luck to find a job in the industry I wanted to work in
Having the guts to step away from a job I did not enjoy
Meeting my boyfriend who makes me a stronger and better person every day
All of the catch ups, outings and parties I went along to, giving myself the opportunity to develop life long friendships with people that I can truly connect with and trust
Singing up on stage in front of my high school on my own
Performing on my own on stage in a shopping centre at 15 as a semi finalist to receive a scholarship to the Australian Acting Academy  
Shooting a gun at a shooting range
Riding a horse
Starting a Blog

My favourite travel experiences:
Flying over the grand canyon in a helicopter
Standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Walking through the Colosseum in Rome
Getting lost in the lane ways of Venice
Standing in Times Square New York
Visiting the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music in Salzburg
Seeing the wright brother’s plane in the Smithsonian museum as well as seeing the white house and capitol building in Washington DC
Experiencing the magic of Disneyland and Disneyworld
Having the solitude of standing on a beautiful beach alone with no other living person in sight
Snorkelling on the great barrier reef
Seeing a rare coastal emu and her two babies up close in the wild
Kissing my boyfriend under lovers arch in Capri
Experiencing the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and Singapore
Seeing clogs, tulips and windmills in the Netherlands
Walking through the Catacombs in Paris
Visiting the Berlin wall and the Holocaust museum
Going to the Dachau concentration camp and standing inside the gas chambers
Walking through the ruins of Pompeii
Visiting the most beautiful beach in the world, Whitehaven Beach
Riding a raft down a river through a small town in the Czech Republic
Seeing a show on Broadway
Learning about how limoncello is made in Sorrento
Visiting the amazing towns that line the Amalfi coast
Riding a Gondola in Venice
Seeing the amazing coloured buildings of Borano
Having my future told, listening to jazz and drinking a hurricane on Burbon Street in New Orleans
Seeing the Sydney Opera House lit up with colours and pictures for Sydney Festival
Experiencing the sights of Melbourne
Attending a massive music festival in Adelaide
Watching a live rodeo in Texas
Tried to eat a burger in Memphis that was bigger than my head
Discovering the sights of the historical German city of Dresden and the medieval town of Meissen
Visiting a castle that had a mote with bears in it in Cesky Kromlov
Eating steak in a steak house at Amarillo
Discovering the city of Prague
Walking through the ultimate fairy-tale castle, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Visiting the Casinos along Las Vegas Strip
When I was in Bruges
Seeing the pope in Rome
Drinking in a Beer hall in Munich
Walking through Central Park in New York 
Seeing amazing art and artefacts at the Louvre
Watching an orchestra play Motzart in Vienna
Visiting monument valley
Seeing Arch De Triumph in Paris
Seeing the Statue of Liberty in New York
Strolling the sandy beaches of Miami
Going to NASA in Florida and seeing the space shuttles Discovery and Atlantis sitting on the launch pads.
Standing on top of the Austrian Alps in Innsbruck
Visiting Elvis’ house in Memphis
Stepping back in time through America’s history in the historical towns of St Augustine and Savannah
Visiting the tropical beaches of Waikiki in Hawaii
Throwing a Coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Staying at a secluded lodge amongst the Austrian Alps in Grunau
Skiing the slopes at Thredbo
Walked through the Notre Dame 
Tried my hand at archery in Grunau Austria 
Spending the day on the Italian Island of Capri
Standing inside the Vatican in Rome
Riding a bike through the German countryside
Staying at Daydream Island in the Whitsunday's
Walking the red light district and seeing an adult show in Amsterdam
Visiting the Opera house that Phantom of the Opera was set in, in Paris
Visiting FAO Scwartz in New York

 Do you share any of my life or travel experiences? 

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