From the Pages of History - The Etiquette of the Motor Bus

In today's post, I will be sharing the second chapter of the 'From the Pages of History' series which is all about the life and times of people living in the early 1900's. If you wish to have a look at the first chapter, you can find it here.

Everything in this article is quoted directly from a vintage book I purchased titled 'The Girl's own Annual' and this chapter is all about the etiquette of the motor bus. I hope you enjoy reading the information and wisdom that unfolds from the pages of this book.

Top Etiquette Tips on a Motor Bus:

What to do and what not to do while on a bus seems second nature in society today, and you don't realise that at one point in history when the motor bus first came into existence, common rules of etiquette had to be put in place for people to follow. However this particular article takes a very different spin on etiquette, and instead pokes fun at the rude behaviour on buses and turns them into humorous anti-etiquette tips!  Here at the best anti-etiquette tips direct from the pages of this book!

1 - When you enter a motor bus, stand stock-still on somebody's foot and glare stolidly until a place is made for you.

2 - If it is raining heavily, hold your wet umbrella well away from yourself against your neighbour's knees. Also rest any bag or parcel you are carrying on any portion of his or her person that comes handiest.

3 - If the conductor be absent when a new arrival enters, always indicate the opposite side to your own as available for a seat, even if it be the most crowded.

4 - Screw round in your seat to stare out of the window behind you, so as to make your neighbour as uncomfortable as possible. 

5 - If you meet a friend, talk about your most private affairs and discuss your intimate ailments, and those of all your acquaintances in a tone of voice calculated to be heard above the various sirens, musical boxes and fog horns. 

6 - If you have a child with you, let it shriek questions at the top of its voice the whole time, and wriggle up and down on the seat as much as it pleases, and wipe the mud off its shoes on the garments of the other passengers. Naturally everyone else will be delighted. Children are always so engaging.

7 - On getting out, it is best to jump the way the bus is travelling, trusting wholly in providence, unless you choose to jump the other way in which case one presumes you prefer an up-to-date method of committing suicide. 

It's great to see that people over 100 years ago had a sense of humour too. There is often a perception that people of this era were bland, serious and strict but reading such articles makes these people seem human and you realise that people of this era really are not much different to how we are in society today. Well when it comes to bus etiquette at least, it seems not much has changed!

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