On The Weekend: Arj Barker, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Ducks

I am getting in early this weekend to tell you all about what I have been up to, as most of my weekend shenanigans took place on Friday and Saturday! I have had a full few days and am currently enjoying a lazy Sunday.

My weekend really kicked off at lunchtime on Friday where I attended an industry charity lunch at the RNA Show Grounds for the Brisbane Advertising Association. We got half the day off work as well as free food, alcohol and entertainment, yay!

The lunch was a lovely three course meal and we were spoilt for entertainment with the headline act being one of my favourite comedians, Arj Barker! I have seen him live before and he doesn't disappoint. So funny! 

Then on Friday evening I saw the stage musical of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with my sister. My sister and I used to love watching the movie when we were kids so we just had to see the stage show when it came to Brisbane. 

Before the show started we enjoyed having a close look at the replica of the car as well as some of the merchandise sold back in the day when the movie first came out. 

The musical itself was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. Some parts of it were slightly different to the movie but overall they did such a great job transferring it from the cinema to the stage. It was great hearing all of those songs again and after watching the musical I just had to go home and hire out the movie to watch again too. 

After a busy Friday, I took it slow on Saturday getting things done around the house. My boyfriend and I also decided to head to the botanical gardens and feed the ducks. Whenever I visit these gardens, I always find something to take photos of. All of the trees and plants are beautiful and the pond where we find the ducks is very picturesque also.

It has been a while since we visited to feed the ducks and this time we found a whole new breed of duck here that we had never seen before. They are brown with bright light blue eyes. 

As we throw out bread scraps into the water there are two breeds of ducks, two breeds of black water dwelling birds with red and blue beaks, the almost vulture like ibis's at our feet and little Mini Mynas swooping over our heads.  

It didn't take long for all the bread to be pecked up by all of the birds that came out for a feed!

After spending the morning at the gardens, My Boyfriend decided to purchase a venus fly trap from a local store. He has wanted one for a long time and he loves catching bugs to put in it. He really is just a big kid sometimes! :-)

So this has been my weekend! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend too!

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