Perfection in Prague

Prague is a magical city that is also the capital of the Czech Republic. It has such a lovely old school charm and is a relatively new tourist destination for foreign tourists as this is a country which was under communist rule until 1993.

This city is exactly how you would picture a bustling medieval hub with stunning historical buildings, cobble stone streets and a beautiful castle.

The astronomical clock is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It is a very old clock and every hour the clock puts on a little show with moving parts and a little tune. It is amazing to see the huge crowd that comes out every hour to see this clock.

The castle grounds are also a huge highlight for this city with so much to see and do and lots of history to learn. The castle chapel is stunning and the golden lane is also a highlight of the visit where the life and times of medieval Prague is recreated.

I also have to recommend joining up for a walking tour to find out more about the hidden history behind this city. The tour we joined included a lovely cruise along the river that passes directly through the centre of the city.  We also had a traditional Czech meal included for lunch.

You can also go see some great traditional shows in this city for a good price. Or if you are into the night clubbing scene, there is a massive five level night club called Karlovy Lazne that is worth a look! Every level had a different theme with different genres of music and includes amazing light effects and decorations. Apparently this club is the biggest in central Europe!

Just having a walk through the streets of this amazing city and popping in to take a look at some of the local stores is entertaining in itself. Nothing beats absorbing yourself into the culture and doing as the locals do. 

You must also have a stroll over Charles Bridge which is another major site in this city. It is a very old bridge covered in historical statues depicting different people in various scenarios. This bridge can often be lined with little souvenir stalls also.  

This city is also famous for the potent alcohol absinthe where you will even find a few absinthe bars. If you are after some unique souvenirs, some of my favourites would have to be the puppets and babushka dolls. 

Have you ever visited Prague? Is this a place you would like to visit?

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