Pinterest Love This Week

Pinterest is pretty great huh! I have been pinning like crazy this week and I thought you may like to see some of my favourite Pinterest Finds. If you would like to follow my Pinterest boards, you can find me here.

Beautiful People: Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is my all time favourite heart throb, so obviously I had to pin him to my beautiful people board. Not only does he play my favourite superhero of all time, Superman, but obviously he is really really hot! It also helps that he is a nice guy too.

Life: Quote

Sometimes we forget to live in the now rather than spending our time reflecting on the past or planning in the future. There is a sense of calmness and peace when you put these things to the side and focus on the here and now. Thanks Pinterest quote for this piece of inspiration!

Style: Heart Shades

For one this photo is beautiful, and secondly it sells these glasses very very well! I just love cute things and these heart shapes sun glasses are very very cute!

Childhood: Rainbow Bright Stickers

I have a board dedicated to everything I remember and treasure from my childhood and I just had to add this to the collection. They are rainbow bright stickers! I really enjoyed this cartoon when I was a kid and I loved the character rainbow bright. 

Pastels: Model

Pastels is my newly created board. I realised that I am constantly drawn to this pretty and feminine colour palette, so I decided to start a collection of pictures filled with pastel colours. This is one of the most stunning pastel pictures I have found so far.

Cute Animals: Christmas Kitty

What would the internet be without cute animals? I found this lovely christmas kitty picture on Reddit and I just had to share it in the world of Pinterest because it is just that cute! 

Cute and Random Products: Sandwich Lunch Box 

How adorable is this? A sandwich lunchbox shaped like a lunchbox! I want one I want one I want one! :-)

Photography: Buda Holding a Plane

Obviously Pinterest is all about the pictures so my photography board gets filled up pretty quickly! I love this picture in particular because I can't get over how perfectly timed this shot was.

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? Make sure you click on the pictures above which will direct you to Pinterest so you can pin these picture for yourself. You can even choose to follow me and my boards if you wish :-)

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