The Art of Creative Writing

Creative writing is a great hobby of mine that I am developing and growing into, but it is not easy. It is one thing to think up a unique and creative story in your mind and quite another thing to put pen to paper and express it fully though words that capture the imaginations of those who read it. It truly is a talent and an art that you have to learn and practice a lot.

The biggest demon behind the failure to finish writing a story is lack of motivation and belief in yourself and your writing. I have fallen victim to this many times and it can be hard to bring yourself back to the computer screen and keep writing away without constantly critiquing yourself or facing a creative block that holds you back from moving forward with a story. Just keep writing is what everyone says, but at times, life gets in the way as well as negative thoughts which slowly forces the creative writing process to be pushed further and further back on the list of priorities.
But you know what, that is ok. Writing should be a fun and enjoyable experience and you should not have to force yourself into it. I find the best material comes when I am relaxed and ready to put my thoughts, feelings, emotions and stories on paper. Sure I don’t have a completed novel or anything of the sort, but I have many little magical pieces that I flick between and add to bit by bit as inspiration comes to me. Will I ever finish any of these stories? I don’t know but I hope so. It seems as soon as I begin moving forward with one story, a brand new story, plot and characters pop in my head which I must take note of and begin creating a whole new world yet again.
I guess I like to flick between one form of writing to another. I put everything into my blog for a period of time and all of my passion of writing is focused on the real and tangible world and interest that surround me, until I am then pulled into the fantasy world where imagination and stories are created and take hold of me.  
I know my writing could be better, but I enjoy it as long as I have a story to tell or something to express and I know I am still learning and growing. Whether I am blogging, and sharing my everyday interests and fascinations with the world or focusing on a story I am writing, the act of expressing myself through writing will always be part of my life. 

Do you enjoy writing creative stories, writing sensible blog posts or both? 
What is your technique and how do you like to keep motivated and inspired?
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