On The Weekend - RSPCA Million Paws Walk

On the weekend, I attended a wonderful event called the ‘RSPCA million paws walk’. It’s an event where you bring your dog along for a walk to raise money for the animals in the RSPCA animal shelters. There are also stalls selling pet related products, food stands and entertainment. It is a great event and there was a big turn out.

I went along with my mum and sister and we brought the family dogs Tyson and Pixie. Tyson is a mutt who is cross with a mastiff while Pixie is a fox terrier. Obviously we had to dress them up for this special occasion. 

Pixie was wearing a little minnie mouse costume I purchased in Tokyo and Tyson was wearing a matching red and white bow tie. So cute!

Tyson and Pixie are best friends. They have been inseparable ever since they first met. Pixie will also often give Tyson kisses.

When we arrived at the event, it was great to see so many different types of dogs and they were all very well behaved. Tyson was happy casually meeting all of the other dugs but Pixie was a little cautious and overwhelmed.

We could choose to do a 1.5km or 4km walk. We chose the shorter walk. It was a lovely warm day and every man and his dog was in a good mood.

If you ever think of going to this event, I highly recommend it. Its great fun and its for a good cause too!

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