Tokyo Disneyland

I recently had an amazing holiday to Tokyo and I would love to share all the stories and tips from my travels with you!
The first place on my list I would like to tell you all about is Tokyo Disneyland! If you love Disney and are familiar with other Disney parks around the world, you will love Tokyo Disneyland!

I have been to both Disneyland in LA and Disneyworld in Florida, but I must say I think I enjoyed my Tokyo Disneyland experience more! Yes it is is crowded here and yes you have to be organised before you go but the Japanese people love Disney soo much, its infectious! 

The Disney culture here is just so intense! I have never seen anything like it. Young and old attend the parks covered in Disney merchandise and carrying a plush toy of their favourite characters around the park.

Two elements about the Tokyo Disney Park that make it extra special are the hats and the popcorn buckets. The hats are amazing. There are so many different elaborate hats featuring Disney’s best characters and the Japanese people love wearing them. They are so quirky and cool! 

The next best thing is the Popcorn buckets! All around the Disney park you will find different flavoured popcorn stands from the ordinary flavours like salt or caramel to the weird like soy sauce and curry flavoured pop corn. Now the variety of popcorn is no where near as exciting as the popcorn buckets that come with it. Each different popcorn stand sold a completely different popcorn bucket.

A Disney popcorn bucket is a plastic bucket with a specific disney theme. It hangs around your neck and you can open from the top to eat the popcorn as you walk around the park. You can also refill it from the popcorn stalls around the park for a cheaper price. Genius and fun!

My friend and I got these extremely cute minnie mouse bow popcorn buckets. I love mine!

Tokyo Disneyland also has the same rides that you will find in all other parks such as splash mountain, haunted mansion and space mountain. 
There are also however some rides unique to Tokyo Disney and the most awesomely cheesy, tacky and amazing ride would have to be Captain EO. A 3D movie ride starring Michael Jackson from 1987 when he was still black as a space ship captain, saving the universe through the power of music. I know amazing right!?

We were also lucky enough to be at the park during the 30th Birthday Celebration which has just recently ended. For this birthday celebration which lasted for 1 year, the park was covered in special birthday decorations. They also put on a special day time parade ‘Happiness is Here’ which also has a crazy super catchy theme song.

They also have the classic night parade which is just like the ones you find in other parks however a few of the floats are different.

Another great part of this Disney park is the themed food! They really don't leave anything out here. I especially loved these green alien dumplings and the Micky mouse shaped hamburger bun!

Disneyland Tips:
Check the crowd calendar before you go. You will get much more for your money if you choose to visit in a quieter period, because Tokyo Disneyland parks are some of the busiest in the world! Even so, an ordinary day at Tokyo Disneyland is likely to be much more crowded than any other Disney park you have been to.

Stay at a Disney Hotel near the park and get to the park before it opens if you can. Staying in one of the Disney parks is so easy because you can get the Monorail right to the gates of the park. We arrived at the park 15 minutes before it opened and the crowds were already swelling outside the gates.

Once you get through the gates of the park, RUN. Run to your favourite ride and get a Fast Pass! I can’t stress enough how important it is to get as many Fast Passes as you can in a day, which is why you need to be at the park early. 

A Fast Pass is your pass to the front of the queue. You put your park ticket into a machine where your Fastpass pops out with a time you should return to the ride listed on it. Once you have one Fastpass, you can’t get another one until you use the first one or after 2 hours. Whichever comes first. At Tokyo Disneyland, Fastpasses for the most popular rides run out prior to midday, and if you were to stand in line, you could be in line for 2 hours or more on a busy day. So trust me when I say get there early and grab those fast passes!

Most of all have fun! Don't be scared off by the crowds and just go with it! I promise you will have the best time and I hope you love it as much as I did :-)

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